Up Snap


Mobile Advertising Made Easy!

UpSnap's mobile ad package helps you reach a nearby audience with a geo-targeted mobile ad campaign. From design to reporting, UpSnap handles all aspects of your mobile ad campaign and makes mobile advertising easy.


  • With Flex-Fencing™ technology, UpSnap enables advertisers to effectively reach nearby potential customers by displaying mobile banner ads within a mile radius of their business and expands outward as needed based on traffic availability.
  • With access to more than 100 billion mobile impressions per month, your clients benefit from UpSnap's vast distribution network. Your ad will be displayed up to 37,500 times on thousands of top apps.
  • Targeting: Your client picks their desired geo (based on address) to run the campaign. You can even run a conquesting campaign and target your competitors location(s).
  • We design and codes the landing page and the banner ad for you. All you need to do is approve it.
  • Reporting: Each month you receive a report that details impressions served, clicks and secondary actions that occurred like clicks to call.




What types of business purchase mobile advertising most?

    While mobile ads have universal appeal to all categories, the groups listed below have purchased it most often: /roofing/plumbing/painting/flooring/electricians/HVAC/Garage door/Locksmiths/Fitness/Salons/Spas/Limo/taxi/Restaurants/Insurance/accountants/attorneys/auto repair/auto sales/pest control/computer repair/chiropractors/dentists

How long does this campaign run?

    The 37,500 impression campaign can run anywhere from 30 to 90 days. The customer can ask to run the campaign for a desired period with 30 days being the minimum. If impressions are light in a given geo, the impressions may be extended to 90 days to completely fulfill.

What should I sell this for?

    UpSnap is currently offering 37,500 impressions for the price of 25,000 with this package. You could sell this for any price under $300.

How does a user check on the status while a campaign is running?

    Your clients can always call 844-4-UPSNAP to check on their campaign.

How do I start another campaign?

    You can always order another campaign through the Partner Central portal.

Are there any requirements for images from the small business?

    No images are required, but it's a best practice to provide a logo.

What happens after the sale?

    An UpSnap representative will contact the customer within 48 hours to build the ad.

When UpSnap contacts my customer after the sale, what information does the customer need to provide?

    The customer will need to provide a logo or image (if applicable) their desired call to action and have an idea about their desired targeting (city, zip codes, address).

Can an active campaign be changed?

    Yes, you may always call customer service at 844-4- UPSNAP to discuss edits to your campaign.

Can someone add to their ad budget mid-campaign?

    No budget can be added to existing campaigns, you can always purchase an additional campaign through the Partner Central portal. You can run multiple campaigns concurrently.

Can a customer run more than one campaign at the same time?

    A customer can run multiple campaigns at that the same time. Through the Partner Central portal a customer can purchase as many mobile ad packages as they desire. Many companies have multiple locations across the country and see this package as a viable way of testing mobile advertising across their footprint.

How does the business know when a campaign is over?

    The customer will receive their final analytics report with the campaign start and end date.

What reporting will customers receive to show them how a campaign is performing?

    There is a sample performance report in the Files section which highlights the following:,Monthly banner impressions, Monthly banner clicks, Monthly secondary actions (i.e. click to call or click for directions), Lifetime banner impressions and clicks, This report will be delivered to the customer the first week of each month.

Can the customer pick which apps their campaign appears on?

    Customers do not have the option of choosing which apps in which their ads will appear. There are thousands of available apps in our network and the key intent is to deliver an impression in the desired geographic radius.

Is there any content that is prohibited?

    Yes, prohibited ad content for in-app advertising includes (but is not limited to) graphic or explicit violence, adult content, weapons, hunting, drugs, tobacco, alcohol and gambling. For an extensive list, please contact us.

What are the country and language options for UpSnap?

    The UpSnap product is available in English in both Canada and the United States.