Social Share


Promote your brand with micro-influencer marketing on Twitter and Facebook.

Drive prospects and sales to your client websites with micro-influencer marketing. Influencers are real people with a substantial social media network who post your content for their followers. This targeted audience consumes the content and can interact with it through likes, shares and more. Each Facebook or Twitter post can have a specific CTA and drive prospects anywhere—to a website with more information or a landing page with a special offer.Influencers are vetted and chosen with care and their posts are made from within the Tempesta platform to ensure quality and provide reporting. This app is for an annual subscription to Simple Social Share. Save nearly $200 off of the month-to-month option. This app option is best for campaigns that do not require geographic targeting.


Save dozens of hours of your time by using Simple Social Share. Setting up a customer's micro-influencer campaign takes less than a minute and requires no further work on your part thereafter.

  • Detailed performance reports can automatically be delivered to you or your clients each month.
  • Your customers will be able to see accountable performance in their first month.
  • Your customers get access to hard-to-target prospects through trusted micro-influencers that they already follow.



Do I have to know anything about influencer marketing to use your service?

    No. Simple Social Share was designed to take the complexity out of setting up, running and optimizing an influencer campaign. When you start your subscription, you will only need to answer a couple of easy questions.

How long does it take to get my influencer campaign running?

    After you complete your sign-up process, it will take approximately five (5) business days for us to set up your influencer campaign. You will receive an email alert once the campaign is live.

Do I need to optimize my campaign regularly?

    No. Once you complete the easy setup process (as outlined above), you’re done. We do all the work for you.

How often is performance data updated?

    We provide monthly performance reports that are updated daily, which provide you with powerful insights including: 1. Prospects, which learned about you. 2. Prospects, who visited your website. 3. Number of influencers who successfully promoted you. 4. The number of Twitter® tweets delivered. 5. The number of Facebook® interactions delivered.

How long can a campaign run?

    Your influencer campaign runs as long as your subscription is active.

Can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel your monthly subscription at least 3 days prior to your monthly renewal. For example, your monthly subscription renews on March 31st. You cancel the service on March 25. You will not be billed further. Your campaign will continue to run until March 31st.

How do you select influencers?

    We focus on identifying, screening and working with micro-influencers. Unlike celebrity influencers, our micro-influencers typically are people from your community that are well-connected socially, or individuals within your target industry. Only micro-influencers who have a Brand Value of at least 400 are eligible to participate in our influencer program.

What social networks will influencers use to promote my URL?

    It will depend on the type of website that you are promoting. If it is more B2B-oriented, influencers will tend to gravitate toward Twitter. if it is more B2C-oriented, they will gravitate toward Facebook.

What is Tempesta Media's Brand Value?

    After years of research and development, we created ground-breaking technology that intelligently measures an influencer’s ability to reach, engage and drive his or her social followers to take action. This capability is called Brand Value and employs big data, proprietary algorithms and machine learning to intelligently determine each influencer’s Brand Value. Brand Value is at the heart of Simple Social Share, and allows us to deliver cost-effective influencer marketing capabilities at a fraction of the cost spent by global agencies and Fortune 5000 companies.

Do I get to choose specific influencers?

    Simple Social Share is an automated solution, which gives users the ability to launch an influencer campaign in about a minute. Our technology intelligently targets specific influencers who match your targeting criteria.

Can I see which influencers accepted my offer?

    Currently, Simple Social Share provides customers with monthly reporting including: – Prospects who learned about you – Prospects who visited your website – Number of influencers who successfully promoted you – Number of Twitter tweets delivered – Number of Facebook interactions delivered

How does your influencer program help with my link-building strategies?

    Simple Social Share is a sales and marketing program designed for companies that want to drive awareness, interest and action. Simple Social Share is NOT a link-building or SEO tool. All links that are provided by our customers are masked. We do this in order to fully follow the requirements of search engines.

What are the country and language options for this product?

    Simple Social Share is available in the United States in English.

What is the recommended retail price for this product?

    You can comfortably sell Simple Social Share | Annual for $2000 per year.

When does the campaign begin? (SLA)

    Once Simple Social Share is activated and the form is filled out and submitted, it takes up to 5 business days for the campaign to begin and data to populate within the reporting dashboard.