Multi-Location Pricing


Brand Analytics shows businesses with multiple locations all of their reputation data, allowing them to easily monitor and manage their online brand from one platform.

Now brand and franchise owners can get an instant look at the reputations of all their locations.

 Compare reviews across the country. Create social posts for multiple locations simultaneously. Manage visibility across locations. Scalable from 2 to 2000+ locations. Receive executive reports that brand managers will love.


Brand Analytics Solution

Analytics for Multi-Location Businesses

Brand Analytics Solution – Aggregates reputation intelligence account data for accounts with multiple locations. Brand Analytics makes it easy for brand managers, franchisors, or multi-location owners to see all of their locations’ reviews and investigate how and where they are listed online; through brand analytics, they can compare their brand’s performance across different territories and regions.

The Platform includes:

  • Reputation Management;
  • Listing Management;
  • Social Marketing;
  • Alerts and Reports;
  • Monitor reputations of both individual locations and entire regions;
  • Compare social media performance across territories; and
  • Monitor presence scores to improve SEO.

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