Employee Monitor

Employee Monitor

Employee monitoring on social media

It’s not about trust. It’s about protection.

Today, employees have the ability to improve or impair a business’s reputation through social media.

Syncrocast’s Reputation Management software is capable of monitoring employee activity on Twitter to let owners know if anything negative is being said about their business.

Employee Monitoring

It’s not about trust. It’s about protection.

Monitor employees’ social media activities

  • Protect against potential PR disasters.
  • Ensure that employees aren’t misrepresenting a brand
  • Monitor social networks for positive and negative activity

When a YouTube video of two employees doing disgusting things in a Dominos kitchen hit the internet, it made headlines. The public relations nightmare that followed cost the company untold dollars in goodwill and took time and marketing effort to rebuild consumer trust.

You can’t stop people from doing stupid things – the most you can do is catch it as fast as possible and react with lightning speed.

Searches pull in employees’ social activity instantly. Catch a bad tweet or status before it spirals out of control.

Alerts come every six hours. Catch a bad tweet or status before it spirals out of control.


Be Careful How You React

Employee Monitoring Software Requires Discretion.

Our software is powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility. The gut reaction of a boss who discovers a negative employee comment might be to retaliate. Managers must be careful, however, and remember that social media is extremely public.

In 2011, Boloco CEO John Pepper fired an employee for tweeting about how much she hated her job. The public firing caused a media stir that backfired on him. It was too late to retract the statement. Be careful what you say and make sure you won’t regret it later.