Lead Generation


Generate Leads with Social Media

By using social media to generate leads, businesses can see real ROI from social media.

Businesses are always concerned with their bottom line, but when it comes to social media it’s not always clear how many Likes equal a dollar. At the same time, building a fanbase can be difficult, especially for people like plumbers, insurance brokers, and locksmiths who might have difficulty finding enough content to post.

Thanks to Social Marketing, social media isn’t just about Likes anymore. It helps you find leads and build real ROI.

Using Social to Generate Leads

With Social Marketing, local businesses can use social networks to find people who are talking about subjects related to their products and services. By setting up a list of searches, you can find customers in your area and start an immediate conversation.
Why choose Us?

1 KEYWORDS & PHRASESFind words and phrases that relate to your products or services. If you’re a locksmith, try “locked keys in car”.

Why choose Us?

2. RESPONDRespond to the relevant search results by starting a conversation or making the person an offer.

Why choose Us?

3. The PitchSeal the deal and fulfill your end of the bargain. The system will automatically record all conversations for future viewing.

Finding Leads with Check-Ins

Social sites like Facebook allow users to check-in at public venues with their mobile devices. Businesses can now see who’s checking in, encourage visitors to keep coming back, and entice new customers by monitoring the competition and knowing when to mak

See who’s checking in the most often and reward frequent visitors so they’ll spread the word and keep coming back.

Entice new customers by offering specials or deals for new check-ins.

Lure people away from the competition. Monitor who’s checking in across the street and send them a quick message for next time they’re out.


By using social media to generate leads... Businesses can see real ROI

Connect with new customers who have never heard of you before

Find people who are in need of immediate services

Increasing presence without increasing your advertising spend

Entice competitors’ customers with offers from check-ins