Form Builder


Use dynamic website forms to help generate more online leads.

Dynamic Form Builder allows businesses to add, remove, and customize fields to forms on their websites. This is done in real-time, so you’re never stuck re-installing their form code—you empower your clients by giving them autonomy. Dynamic Form Builder collects valuable information on leads through custom fields and replaces simple contact information.


  • Empower businesses to increase their knowledge on the leads visiting their website with advanced forms.
  • Allow businesses to store every form response, every lead profile, in their CRM. Provide a seamless understanding of customer needs.
  • Manage all the forms you provide in one place and configure them in real time with minimal work required to make a change.




What is the suggested retail price?

    We recommend a retail price of $10 per month on the low end. This could be sold at a higher price point depending on the level support you offer your clients.

What happens after this product is activated?

    After activating this product (making a sale), the business will get access to the Form Builder dashboard through Business Center where once they create their form, it can easily be embedded onto their website.

What types of businesses does this product work well for?

    Any business that want to collect information about their clients are using Forms. Verticals like health and beauty (salons, doctors, therapists), accredited professionals (lawyers, accountants, consultants) and services (repair shop, plumber, electrician) are currently using Forms Builder.

Can this app be integrated onto a WordPress site?

    Yes, if your client is using, the HTML or JavaScript code of the form can be added in the template file (or HTML/ Text widget) of the WordPress theme.

How does the installation of Form Builder work?

    Once the form is customized to your businesses needs, it can be added to a website with a simple HTML code, through an iframe or a direct URL within an email. More details here:

Can businesses receive the Form Builder responses via email?

    Yes, Form responses can be sent to one or multiple email addresses

Can business integrate Google Analytics to the forms?

    Yes! More details here:

What countries is this product work in?

    Form Builder is not restricted by country. For example, a business located in India may use the scheduling widget in English.

What languages are supported?

    Currently, the product is available in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Danish, Italian and Dutch.