Text messaging for customer service with smart industry bots.

Customer Service Chatbots - Turn it on when you need it, off when you don't! Reduce support costs, improve customer satisfaction and never miss an opportunity with a pre-trained, industry specific chatbot for your business. Add text messaging to your website, Google AdWords campaign or Facebook Ads to capture new customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let your chatbot answer common questions, book appointments, gather reviews and have your employees take over when needed.


  • Your brand, our technology: 100% white label business text messaging app and customer service chatbots for sales and customer service teams.
  • Pre-trained, industry specific: Our chatbots understand common customer service queries from day one because it has been pre-trained on frequently occurring, industry specific customer intents. Enable your chatbot to answer question, give directions, business hours, book appointments, take reservations, gather reviews or transfer conversations to a real person.
  • Contact Management: Get Contact Name, Address, Email Address, Age, Gender, Household Income and more when you add a contact or receive a text message from a new customer.
  • Landline Texting: Text with a dedicated phone number or give us permission to add text messaging to an existing landline phone number.
  • Browser Calling: Seamlessly transition from a text message conversation to a phone call with one click.
  • API Reporting: Boost conversions by 40% and prove it. Update your CRM or custom dashboard with new contacts, updated contacts and conversations using our simple webhook integration.




What is a customer service chatbot?

    Chatbots leverage natural language processing and machine learning to deliver automated and personalized customer service using text messaging. Chatbots can be added to any website, existing business phone number, Facebook page, Twitter account and leading messaging platforms like Kik, Telegram, Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Our customer service chatbots are deployed via text message using a dedicated phone number we provide or give us permission to add text messaging to your existing business phone number.

What are pre-trained, industry specific chatbots?

    Chatbots become customer service agents for your clients. Just like any other employee, chatbots need to be trained so they can respond to questions and provide accurate information. Our chatbots are trained to answer basic questions like location, driving directions, business hours and gather online reviews for your business. In addition, chatbots can gather customer information like name, address, phone number, email address and accept appointment or reservation requests from customers.

What is the suggested retail price for Chatbot Starter?

    The suggested retail price for the customer service chatbot is $45/MO and includes a dedicated phone number (or landline SMS porting), 500 text messages per month, 1 pre-trained chatbot, unlimited customer service agents, Advanced CallerID, Browser Calling, Contact Management and email and/or SMS notifications. Additional plans are available based on usage. Custom chatbot development sold separately.

Is the chatbot business text messaging white labeled?

    Yes! Each pre-trained, industry specific chatbot is configured with your customer’s specific business information. In addition, the business text messaging app is branded with reseller’s logo and all email notifications sent from the Vendasta Activity Center include reseller branding.

Does the Customer Service Chatbot come unbranded?

    The business text messaging app and pre-trained, industry specific chatbots are fully integrated with Vendasta platform. The business text messaging app includes reseller branding and all notifications form the Activity Center are include the reseller branding.

What types of Customer Service Chatbots are currently available?

    At this time pre-trained chatbots are available for Restaurants, Dental Offices, Law Firms, Auto Dealers, Auto Repair Shops, Home Services, Real Estate Agents and Technology Companies.

Can you develop a custom chatbot for my client?

    Yes. Additional fees apply for custom chatbot development. Contact the Vendasta Success Team for pricing and setup.

How do I get started?

    Getting started is easy. Simply activate the Customer Service Chatbot application for your client. The new account will automatically be provisioned and given a dedicated phone number for calls and text messages. Your clients open the business text messaging app to setup their customer service chatbot and install one line of code to add text messaging to their website. Customer Service Chatbot users have the option to add text messaging to their existing business phone line or toll free numbers. Users must complete the Letter of authorization and provide a copy of their most recent phone bill to authorize us to add text messaging to their existing business phone number(s). Adding text messaging to an existing business line does not affect the current voice service, carrier or phone system equipment.

What type of reporting is provided?

    In addition to Vendasta Activity Center notifications, the business text messaging app includes API Reporting. Setup your Zapier webhook or custom web service to get POST requests whenever a new contact is added, a contact is updated or a new message is received. Webhooks can send information to your CRM, Google Analytics or your custom dashboard.

How long is the product active?

    Customer Service Chatbots require a monthly subscription. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed each month unless cancelled by the reseller.

How will support be handled?

    Support for Customer Service Chatbots is provided email and telephone support for all resellers and end users. For support send an email to Call or text (720) 443-2710.

How long does it take to setup a new customer account?

    New customer accounts are setup automatically. Your customer will get a Activity Center notification with a link to open the business text messaging app, setup their chatbot, and grab one line of code to add text messaging to their website. Incoming text messages are also posted to the Activity Center so your customers can instantly respond to new leads using their computer, tablet or smartphone.

How do my customers add the TEXT US and CALL US buttons to their website?

    Your customers simply sign into the business text messaging app and click on Website Widget to customize the widget text and colors. Then they copy and paste a snippet of javascript code into the body tag of their website’s HTML code (just like you would for Google Analytics). Mobile visitors will have instant access to send a text message or call your dedicated phone number. Desktop users will be able to enter their mobile number and ask a question, schedule an appointment or request pricing via text message.

How do my customers know when someone sends a message from their website?

    Your customers are instantly notified via email and the Activity Center when a new incoming message is sent to the dedicated phone number. Each notification includes a link for them to open the business text messaging app and chat in real time using your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Can my customers make voice calls?

    Yes! The business text messaging app makes it easy for your customers to have personalized two-way text message and voice conversations with their customers. At any time your customers can transition from a text message conversation to a voice call. They click on the ‘Make A Call' button, enter the desired phone number to initiate a voice conversation with customers using your web browser.

Do customers need an app to view my messages?

    No. Customers use the native texting app on their phone and interact with your business as they would send a text to a friend. Wireless subscribers are not required to download anything or adjust any system settings.

Will my customers need special equipment?

    No app to download or install. No special equipment is required. Send and receive text messages using your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Can we add text messaging to an existing business phone number?

    Yes! Have your customer complete the Letter of Authorization and send a copy of their current phone bill to With your permission, we can add text messaging to your exiting landline or toll free number. Adding text messaging to your existing business phone numbers takes 1-2 weeks.

What happens to the widget when the account gets deactivated in Vendasta?"

    The text messaging widget will continue to appear on your customer's website until you or your customer removes the widget code from the html.

For our clients, is everything within their Business Center?

    The business text messaging app is completely integrated with the Vendasta Business Center. Once your client login to the Business Center, they can open the business text messaging app within the Business Center. Based on your customers’ notification settings, they will receive email notification from the Activity Center with each new text message that includes a link to open the business text messaging app to text with customers using their computer, tablet or smartphone. The business text messaging app is also branded with the reseller’s logo.

What if the business goes over their allocated # of calls or texts? Is their additional pricing for those who go over their limit?

    Your clients will be notified when they are approaching their monthly usage limits. Additional plans will be added to the Vendasta Marketplace to support high volume users.

Who collects payment from customers?

    Resellers set their retail price and collect payment from their customers.

Is this HIPAA compliant?

    The same HIPPA standards apply to text message conversations as currently exist for voice conversations or telephone calls. Healthcare provides are required to first confirm identity of patients before exchanging any personal health information. The business text messaging app maintains a details log of all conversations for each account.

How do you recommend text messages be handled after hours?

    Chatbots are well suited to engage new customers and gather leads 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Chatbots will answer questions, provide business hours, gather customer reviews, book appointment requests and transfer conversations to a live agent automatically. At any time, your client can ENABLE or DISABLE the chatbot. In addition, business owners can disable the chatbot for a given conversation and have personal, 2-way text message conversation with customers.

What countries does this product work in?

    The United States and Canada.

What languages are supported?

    Chatbot Starter is available in English.