Better Video


60 second multi-use video content for all types of businesses.

The BetterVideo solution allows our clients around the world to add high-quality video solutions to their sites by delivering low-cost, quick-turnaround video content that supercharges their entire offering. BetterVideo is provided by Media Distribution Solutions, a private label highly scalable turnkey video technology platform.


  • Customers who watch a video are 70% more likely to purchase than non-viewers and they spend 2.5 X more.
  • We are able to quickly turn around videos allowing them to be reviewed by the client within 3-7 business days.
  • We offer professional video script writing utilizing an experienced panel of writers with countless industry videos under their belt.
  • Sites with video are 53X more likely to land on the first page of search results!
  • Video enhances SEO as marketers using video receive 41% more web traffic from search than those without video.


What's the order process?

    Fill out the short and easy order form. Once the order is entered, our editors will begin creating the video, which will be delivered to you within just 5 business days to provide to your client.

Tell me more about the video you create for my clients!

    Video is the most engaging way for businesses to connect with their clients. The BetterVideo solution combines client or partner provided stock imagery, royalty-free music, professionally written script and recorded voice-over into an informative and visually captivating video.

How long does it take to deliver a completed video? (SLA)

    Just 5 business days after the entry form order.

What is the suggested retail price?

    Between $299-$399.

How do you complete these videos?

    All post-production is handled internally by our experienced team of editors, ensuring brand standards and quality control for all our clients. Over the last decade we've developed the world's most curated and vetted network of video professionals, including videographers, directors, producers, and more—your video production is in excellent hands!

Are there any revisions options?

    Yes, your clients are allowed one revision round, which can obtain multiple changes.

How long are the videos?

    Videos can be up to 60 seconds long.

How is the end product, the completed video, delivered?

    Once the video is complete you will receive an email with a download link and a preview of the video to provide to your client.

How is BetterVideo's offering different from any other video production service?

    MDS has been the dominant provider for digital video for nearly a decade, producing thousands of videos monthly for their partners all over the globe. Large media companies such as TEGNA and Hearst Media and cutting-edge technology platforms trust MDS for their strategic solution-based approach to digital video. Specifically, a professional and experienced video editor produces every video internally - no outsourcing. MDS’s turnkey workflow and production technology ensures an efficient and enjoyable experience every time.

What are the country and language options for BetterVideo Montage?

    This product is not restricted by country. Our script writing and recording service is available in English and Spanish. If you choose to record and provide us with an audio track, this can be done in any language.