5-Star Mobile Communications


A single text message can lead to thousands of opportunities. Start texting your customers today!

5STAR is a mobile communication platform delivering text messaging for marketing efforts or operational needs. It’s interactive, immediate, cost-effective and fully measurable. The intuitive text gateway is quick to set up, easy to use, and puts immediate control at the business owner's fingertips.


  • Opt-in list management allows the creation of a customers list that can be organized or segmented as needed.
  • Instant communication as most consumers prefers receiving texts, reading them within 45 seconds of receipt.
  • A cost-effective way to stay in touch with customers as the expense is limited to pennies per message sent.
  • Flexible platform allows for the creation of promotions, loyalty programs, operational notifications & surveys.
  • Customized keyword for businesses to utilize for ongoing marketing and promotion opportunities.



What are the 5 most used ways that a business can use 5STAR?

    1. Promote an incentive (20% off this Tuesday)
    2. Communicate an event or announcement (The new products have arrived! Octoberfest next weekend!)
    3. Provide a status to your customer (Your order is ready to pick up)
    4. Secure a survey of your service or products (How did we do today?)
    5. Build a personalized, actionable and dynamic list of your customers. (Happy birthday!)

What is the value to the business owner?

    Americans read over 90% of text messages within 3 minutes of receipt. Additionally text messages have a final read rate of 98%! Using text messages is proven, immediate and inexpensive means of communication directly with your customers.

How many messages do I have access to on a monthly basis?

    You have up to 1500 messages to use every month.

Can all phones receive text messages?

    Nearly all phones purchased in the last ten years are capable of sending and receiving text messages.

Can a business upload an existing customer list?

    5STAR allows a quick and easy upload of your customer names, addresses and cell phones number. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes!

Can a business owner send a text to individual customers?

    Yes. 5STAR can be used on an individual basis to insure wide ranging personalization for your customers.

Can 5STAR be used to send group/bulk text messages?

    Yes. We allow you to create, sort and save your contact lists enabling targeted group/bulk messages with the click of a button.

Can messages be scheduled to go out at a later date?

    Yes. A single message or a group of messages can be scheduled for delivery anytime in the future.

Can repeating messages be sent?

    Yes. Messages can be scheduled to repeat as needed. For example a business can schedule a text reminder every 30 days for a recurring appointment.

Can links be added to a message?

    Yes. When composing a text message, any specific link or url can be included.

Can pictures or coupons be included?

    No. Texts are currently limited to alpha-numeric messages but this can include links to a picture or coupon info that you want to communicate.

How is 5STAR different from the competition?

    A very aggressive pricing model, combined with an extensive list of features and an aggressive number of monthly messages (up to 1500) make 5STAR unique in the marketplace.

How difficult is 5STAR to set up and begin using?

    Create or import a customer list, select a customized keyword and a business can be ready to send messages in minutes.

What is the process once someone buys the product?

    When a prospect confirms the sale, you can direct them through the Marketplace. Getting started with 5STAR is a DIY and very intuitive.

What type of reporting is provided to the customer?

    All customers have access to the 5STAR reporting which provides a historical record providing the ‘who, what and when’ of all text messages and campaigns issued. You can even see a message history for any customer.

How long is the commitment to use 5STAR?

    The product is billed monthly and can be cancelled for the following month with 30 days notice.

How will product questions or support be handled?

    All channels will receive an online ‘train the trainer’ session, which will provide an extensive overview of all functions and features. As the system has been created to be as intuitive as possible, this training will provide the only needed information in most cases. Clients with questions will have access to an extensive online help guide and access to email support. support@text5star.com

What are the rules concerning SMS messaging and how do I avoid getting in trouble?

    Businesses using text messaging must have the ability to prove consent from recipients. Using keywords to build your opt-in is the best method. Please note, you cannot simply message a list of people without 'opt-in' permission. The 5STAR system also, always gives recipients the ability to ‘opt-out’ to protect you. Remember when soliciting customers to join your opt-in list, you should state, “Message and data rates may apply”.

What are the country and language options?

    5STAR is available in the United States, in English.