Reputation Management


Take control of your online reputation today!

Build, Monitor and Manage your online reputation from one single platform.

How strong is your online reputation? Your reputation is both what you say about yourself and what others say about you. Managing your reputation is nothing new; what’s new is how the internet and social media have changed the way businesses are being defined and how quickly their reputations spread.

The Syncrocast Reputation Management Platform shows you what people are saying about your businesses, allows you to interact with your clients in real-time, improves your visibility in local search, and provides detailed roll-up reports helping you to determine your Social ROI.

Take control of your online reputation today

Every day, customers are talking about your business on websites like TripAdvisor, Google Maps, Facebook, blogs and elsewhere, and this chatter has a direct impact on your revenue — it’s time you join the conversation. Reputation Management gives you control over your online presence by helping you correct online listings, respond to reviews, benchmark yourself against competitors and more.

The Syncrocast reputation management platform empowers you to:

  • ANALYZE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE - Benchmark your online presence so you can monitor growth
  • DEVELOP AN ONLINE PRESENCE - Set up your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • GET LISTED - Claim and get listed in directories, review sites, and social networks
  • MONITOR THE INTERNET - Monitor online reviews, mentions, competitors, and employees. Multi Location Monitoring is also available from 2 - 200+ Locations
  • ENGAGE CLIENTS AND PROSPECTS - Engage your clients through Social Marketing, Review Generation, Content Marketing and Digital Advertising
  • MANAGE YOUR REPUTATION - Receive real time alerts and roll up weekly reports to gauge performance and determine ROI on individual campaigns and overall performance
  • CHOOSE YOUR LEVEL OF SERVICE - Do it your self. We Do It for you. Let's do it together. Choose the service level that makes the most sense for your business. Dial it up or dial it down based on your schedule.

Check out the program summaries below!


Benchmark your Online Presence with the online snapshot

The Snapshot is a personalized report that surfaces and compares your business's online presence to others in the industry. These four pillars of the virtual doorway - listings, reviews, social and website - will help you to understand where your business stands with regards to your online presence and what services may be required to develop and maintain your presence moving forward. Also, It's a good place to begin our relationship with a clear understanding of your needs.

  • Online Listings Analysis - See the total number (and accuracy) of your online listings.
  • Online Reviews - See the total number of reviews, as well as average ratings and sources.
  • Social Performance - See how well you are doing on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Website Performance - Run Google’s content and speed analysis on your desktop & mobile websites. Learn how to optimize your websites.
  • Online Advertising - See if your business is taking advantage of Search Engine Marketing and learn how you can make campaign improvements.


Presence Management is making sure that customers can find the right information about your business online. Correct and consistent listings across directories, review sites and social networks are crucial to your success. Getting listed in the major search engines and niche verticals is a key component that will drive traffic to your website and social sites. The Syncrocast digital platform will provide all the tools to make it a breezing task.
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GET SOCIALSet up your Social Networks

Set up your social networks by yourself or we can do it for you. The key is to provide accurate contact information and maintain consistent positioning and messaging across all networks to support your brand.  Once your social networks are established, plug into the Syncrocast Social Marketing Platform. Start using a tool that makes sense of all your digital chatter and turns online viewers into profitable customers.

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GET LISTEDListing Distribution & Management

Online listings are crucial to making sure customers can find your business. The Syncrocast Listing Mangement system gathers all the locations on the web where your business listing can or should be found. It shows you where you're missing and where the data might be wrong.

Get listed with the 4 major data providers that are trusted to provide accurate business listing information to over 300 hundred sites including Search Engines, Review Sites, Social Sites, Online Directories, including GPS/Vehicle Navigation.


Listen to the Chatter! Every minute, businesses are being shaped by consumers who are exchanging dialogue and sharing reviews about them online. And since 97% of consumers find local business info on the web, business owners need a way to see what their customers are saying, what their competition is doing and manage their business reputation.

Reviews MonitorMonitor reviews from dozens of verticals

Whether it’s a five-star oil change or a one-star root canal, Reputation Management retrieves ratings and comments from all of the biggest review sites, as well as dozens of industry-specific sources.

Mentions MonitorMonitor mentions from social networks

In addition to the reviews monitor, Reputation Management finds mentions from news sites, blogs, and social networks so you can get the full picture of what people are saying about your business.

Competition MonitorGet an edge on your competition

Compare how frequently your business is mentioned versus your competitors. Track all social and promotional activity. Benchmark your competition’s growth and refine your online strategy to gain the advantage.

EMPLOYEE MONITORIt's not about trust. It's about protection

Our software is powerful, but with great power comes great responsibility. The gut reaction of a boss who discovers a negative employee comment might be to retaliate. Managers must be careful, however, and remember that social media is extremely public.


Businesses can grow their fan base, find real-time leads and share relevant content across all of their social channels. Social Marketing gives small and medium size businesses the ability to grow their fan base and turn online leads into raving customers.
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SOCIAL MARKETINGThe revenue-generating social tool kit

By engaging with people through social media, companies have a new way to make connections and provide exceptional customer service. The process is easy with Syncrocast's Social Marketing tool, which enables the local business owners to:

  • Manage customer activity from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn
  • Respond to customer concerns without leaving the Social Feed
  • Keep track of customer service encounters and view history from every social media conversation they have ever had
  • Save time and money on customer calls, long email threads, and other support alternatives.

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REVIEW GENERATIONGenerate, manage and showcase reviews

Review Generation is a reputation management tool that helps you build a stronger online presence and a more positive online reputation. The Review Generation tool empowers businesses to:

  • Generate new reviews
  • Showcase testimonials on multiple platforms
  • Manage customer feedback
  • Monitor valuable review statistics.

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CONTENT GENERATIONManaged Service Blog Package

The key is to consistently provide your customers with fresh, unique content. Content marketing is the practice of creating and distributing content that is entertaining, informative and helpful to potential customers. Good content then directs those customers back to your brand website, where you can capture leads and sell products.

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DIGITAL ADVERTISINGOnline advertising that delivers real-life business results.

Syncrocast’s Digital Advertising stands apart from any other type of online advertising because we can guarantee impressions, show real-world conversions and deliver true ROI for every campaign. We provide you with regular ROI reports and take care of all fulfillment work so you can focus on scaling your business. It’s completely turn-key.


The Syncrocast Reputation Management Platform provides you with all the tools required to manage your online reputation. Through Listing Management, Review Management, and Social Marketing. The platform improves your visibility in local search, unifies your businesses' online presences, generates leads and allows you to provide a new level of customer service. To close the loop on this powerful package, we provide you with the real world feedback required to make decisions and take action. We deliver real-time alerts and weekly reports empowering you to take control of your online reputation.


Sit back and let us deliver automated alerts to maximize engagement and weekly reports to help monitor and manage your online presence.

Alert notifications are sent via email (up to 6 key contacts) when new relevant information is found in reviews, mentions, blogs, and on social media. These notifications are configurable, allowing your business to control the triggers. Alerts are also provided to help keep an eye on your competitions online activity.

Executive Reports roll up activity for all aspects of online presence and reputation management. These reports are emailed out once a week to your key people to effectively monitor and manage your online presence.


From 2 to 2000 locations. Get a birdseye view of your online presence and reputation on your complete enterprise from one system. Manage all of your reputation data for each location, across all regions from one screen.


Now brand and franchise owners can get an instant look at the reputations of all their locations.

Brand Analytics shows businesses with multiple locations all of their reputation data, allowing them to easily monitor their online brand.

  • Compare reviews across the country
  • Create social posts for multiple locations simultaneously
  • Manage visibility across locations
  • Scalable from 2 to 2000+ locations
  • Deliver roll-up reports that brand managers will love

Service Level Options

Check out our flexible service options below. Do it yourself, we'll do it for you, or we can do it together. Dial your service level up or down to suit your requirements.
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Self ServiceDo it yourself - You provide the human resources. We provide the reputation management platform, training, and support.

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Managed ServiceWe'll do it for you - We provide the platform, human resources, and weekly progress reports. You provide feedback.

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Syncro ServiceLet's do it together - We'll work with your in-house staff and provide training, guidance and project management.


Reputation Management - Frequently Asked Questions
What is presence management and how does it help local businesses?

    Presence management is making sure that customers can find the right information about a business online. Correct and consistent listings across directories, review sites and social networks are crucial.

What is reputation management?

    The reputation of a business is both what they say about themselves and what others say about them. Managing reputation is nothing new; what’s new is how the internet and social media have changed the way businesses are being defined and how fast their reputations spread.

Why is online review monitoring important?

    With over 33 million local reviews on Yelp alone, it’s clear that customers are sharing their opinions online. Seventy-two percent of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal referrals, so whether it’s a testimonial, a detailed article on someone’s blog, or an offhand comment on Twitter, people are now chatting 24/7—and local business owners need to be paying attention.

Why is review generation important?

    Local search is driven by online reviews, and so is revenue. On average, customer ratings are proven to increase sales by 18%, and 90% of people claim positive reviews influence their purchasing decisions. Smart business owners are getting serious about soliciting feedback, but generating reviews is hard work. It’s a hassle reaching out to customers, not to mention directing them to review sites, tracking conversations and sharing recommendations on social media. Business owners need a solution that does the heavy lifting for them.

Would you like the opportunity to hear every online voice, on any platform?

    Reputation Management can provide you with a system that tracks every Tweet, blog post and more to give a complete understanding of what people are saying 24/7.